Jeongwhan Choi is a Ph.D. student advised by Prof. Noseong Park in the Dep. of Artificial Intelligence at Yonsei University. His research interests span a variety of areas, including graph neural networks, recommender systems, spatio-temporal forecasting, and differential equations. He has developed graph-based deep learning methods inspired by differential equations in natural science, such as heat diffusion and reaction-diffusion equations. Recently, his focus on research is extending the self-attention mechanism, the heart of Transformers, into the concept of graph signal processing.

Previously, he completed his undergraduate studies at Jeonbuk National University (2016-2020), where he majored in Software Engineering. During this time, he had the opportunity to be mentored by Prof. Suntae Kim and Prof. Duksan Ryu.

His Erdős number is 4: Noseong Park → Sushil Jajodia → Yechezkel Zalcstein → Paul Erdős.


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