Useful Links(2022)

Useful Links(2021)

Help my research! (from Advice to Students by Prof. Seo)

Accelerate your research!

When you fell apart but got back up again

For a Good Talk!

Non-systematic Literature Review on Graphs (e.g. Awesome lists)

Graph Neural Networks

Traffic Forecasting

  • GNN4Traffic: This is the repository for the collection of Graph Neural Network for Traffic Forecasting.

  • Traffic Prediction: A tabular summary of paper and publically available datasets.

  • Awesome Traffic Prediction: Useful resources for traffic prediction, including popular papers, datasets, tutorials, toolkits, and other helpful repositories.

Dynamic Graphs

  • Awesome-DynamicGraphLearning: Awesome papers about machine learning (deep learning) on dynamic (temporal) graphs (networks / knowledge graphs)

Further Reading

Non-systematic Literature Review (e.g. Awesome lists)

Recommender Systems

Differential Equations

Tabular Data

Energy Based Models

Software Engineering

Useful Links(2020)

Software Engineering

Software Engineering Academic Genealogy (Family Trees)

Prof. Suntae Kim(Jeonbuk National Univ., Sogang Univ.)

|___ Taeyoung Kim

|___ Sangcheol Choi

|___ Sangjin Nam

|___ Jiwoo Noh

|___ Joongi Hong

|___ Seounghan Song

|___ Mingu Kang

|___ Jeongwhan Choi(2018-)

Prof. Duksan Ryu(Jeonbuk National Univ., KAIST)

|___ Jaewook Lee

|___ Jeongwhan Choi(2020-)

|___ Jiwon Choi