Useful Links(2022)

Useful Links(2021)

Help my research! (from Advice to Students by Prof. Seo)

Accelerate your research!

When you fell apart but got back up again

For a Good Talk!

Non-systematic Literature Review on Graphs (e.g. Awesome lists)

Graph Neural Networks

Traffic Forecasting

  • GNN4Traffic: This is the repository for the collection of Graph Neural Network for Traffic Forecasting.

  • Traffic Prediction: A tabular summary of paper and publically available datasets.

  • Awesome Traffic Prediction: Useful resources for traffic prediction, including popular papers, datasets, tutorials, toolkits, and other helpful repositories.

Dynamic Graphs

  • Awesome-DynamicGraphLearning: Awesome papers about machine learning (deep learning) on dynamic (temporal) graphs (networks / knowledge graphs)

Further Reading

Non-systematic Literature Review (e.g. Awesome lists)

Recommender Systems

Differential Equations

Tabular Data

Energy Based Models

Software Engineering

Useful Links(2020)

Software Engineering